Real name: Jayson Kodi Adolfo Brooks

Birthdate: 09/11 (Virgo)

Hometown: Camden, NJ

Personal points: Height: 6'2"; Weight: 13 stone

Present home: Bellevue, PA

Instruments: Voice, piano

Musical education: Point Park College, musical theatre major

Age entered show business: 5

First public appearance: "Oh My, The Sky Is Falling - The Chicken Little Story" - Sunflower

Biggest break in career: "Hieroglyphic Graffiti" by Chad Boseman

Compositions: Varoius short stories, poems, and songs

Biggest influence on career: My Mom/Don Fagen

Former occupations: Balloon Sculptor, Camp Counselor, Waiter, Submarine Engineer, Secretary, Barback

Hobbies: Reading, writing

  • Colors: Blue

  • Singers: Don Fagen, Jill Scott, Harry Connick Jr., Jack Johnson, Bradley Nowell, Frank Sinatra, Lauryn Hill

  • Actors/Actresses: Kevin Spacey, Kathy Bates, Samuel L. Jackson

  • Food: Calzones, pizza, Resee's Peanut Butter Puffs, cashews, chocolate

  • Drinks: Snakebite, Cider Jack, water, milk, cranberry juice

  • Clothes: Pleated box-cut non-taper wool slacks and a fedora, bluejeans

  • Composers: Don Fagen, Danny Elfman, Von den Budenmayer, Randy Newman, Ben Folds, Quincy Jones

  • Groups: BF5, Steely Dan, Phish

Likes: Being warm, hiking, acting, dancing, hip-hop, falling asleep next to someone

Dislikes: People who don't use their turn signals, George W. Bush

Most thrilling experience: Couldn't possibly narrow it down. Ask me about Curtis the Cop.

Tastes in music: Rock, soul, jazz, hip-hop (not rap, there is a difference), techno: Exclusively Jungle and Drum & Bass

Personal ambition: To be a dad and to constantly improve at what I do.

Professional ambition: To constantly improve at whatever I do.

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