Reviews of Junior Varsity

All Music Guide
"Innocent pop fun. The hi-frequencies bring on a party of crisp, midtempo harmonies that are easy to swallow. On top of the simple texture of surfy guitar leads, 'Junior Varsity' results in a hybrid of clean-cut, spirited power-pop. Influences from the Replacements, the Beatles and the Ventures are heard throughout both sides, but the hi-frequencies' tempo and cheerful melodies stand out the most."
- Mike DaRonco, July 2000

The Teen Scene
"The hi-frequencies present 'Junior Varsity' (Teen Regime) a mellow, almost Beat Happening number. While not as stark as I sometimes found that band, there's definitely a touch of 'Cast A Shadow' happening. Flip it over for the curiously titled 'Rocket Fuel.' This hardly blasts off, although there's a definite Cold War sci-fi tone to it. In the middle they go deep into garage-instro territory, reminding me of something the Chesterfield Kings covered early on. I'd like to hear more tracks like this one."
- Blair Buscareno, July 2000 (Issue #60)

Ptolemaic Terrascope
"The hi-frequencies prove themselves worthy of two very good sides of surf and bubblegum pop with their 'Junior Varsity' 7" (from Teen Regime Records)."
- Steve Hanson, August 2000

"Despite potential retro-outfitting, comes off almost like raw vintage Tom Petty, albeit sporting a nasty hiss off that high end. 'Rocket Fuel' is a straight-up instro without too much octane. 'Junior Varsity' I like."
- J. David Santen, Summer 2000 (Issue #20)

The Daily News, McKeesport, PA
"...'A' side is garage-y, the kind of song you might have heard the neighborhood band playing at your high school dance in the mid-Sixties. Nicely long flip side is in the 'Pipeline' mode, a good throwback to the California sound of that decade, a bit spooky (as such songs tended to be), the kind of soundtrack favored by hot-rodders...."
- David Sallinger, April 2000

In Pittsburgh Weekly
"... 'Junior Varsity' shows off their pop smarts...the unpolished power of the performance makes it a winner. 'Rocket Fuel' proves that the band does surf rock better than most. If you wonder why the seven-inch format should be kept alive, the hi-frequencies have provided two good reasons."
- Mike Shanley, December 1999

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